Dr. Ray Bellamy

Dr. Ray Bellamy, CCC Co-Chair

Dr. Bellamy graduated medical school from the University of California at San Francisco. After graduation, he volunteered for the Navy’s flight surgery program. During his training, he was stationed in San Diego. The Navy’s six month comprehensive program consisted of medical education in the areas of psychiatry, eyes and ears; all of the areas necessary for doctoring pilots during the Vietnam War.

Dr. Bellamy completed his residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of Kentucky. After finishing various fellowships in spinal injury and arthritis, Dr. Bellamy served on the faculty at the University of Kentucky, until he moved to Tallahassee in 1974.

With over 30 years of private practice, Dr. Bellamy is all too familiar with our failed healthcare system. With daily reminders of patients not being covered for certain procedures and with the hassle of lengthy paperwork, he believes that there needs to be a significant movement in healthcare. Because individuals today shift from one insurance form to the other in such a short time, there is little incentive for the insurer to promote preventative healthcare, since the benefits to be obtained usually take years to be realized. Dr. Bellamy believes that H.R.676 could focus more effort on preventative services, since the stability of such a system year after year favors long term solutions to health improvement.